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Football Boot Personalization

At MyBoot we offer the full personalisation on football boots for all football codes and club players.

Many players now use this personalisation around the world to improve the look of their boots and to make them easily identifiable in the club dressing room.

It is now very common to have your football boots fully personalised with either your name, initials, number or club logo.

In the past the standard way for football boots to be identified has always been the black permanent marker pen, ugly and not very professional. We can offer various options and colours to personalise your football boots depending on which model boot you have.

By using the very latest embroidery machine, your request is carried out to ensure that you are satisfied with your football boot embroidery.
This service cannot be offered on all boots due to restrictions of the boots.Different styles of boots are only available to be embroidered in certain parts, so ask for our professional advice on what can and can’t be performed on your boots.
While we always try to ensure that all images, prices, colours and personalisation choices are correct at the time of being posted on MyBoot we cannot be held responsible for any errors in styles and colours. All colours that are shown for embroidery are approximate.
Due to the detailed nature of a personalisation it may take up to 3 working days.

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello

    I was enquiring if I was able to get my sons nike footy boots embroidered, as it states some can’t ?


    1. Hi Alana,
      Sorry about the late reply.
      Can you please specify which model it is?
      Usually all Nike boots are fine but it may limit us to certain amount of letters.
      You can call 0449 709 769 to discuss further.
      Thank you.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Sorry about the late reply.
      Our prices are $50 for Name/Number on both boots, flags are $20 extra.
      If you were looking to just get the flag done, then we can do that for $50.
      Any further enquiries please call 0449 709 669!

  2. Hi mate. One of my teammates sadly was killed last week in an attack. To pay tribute to him, our team are going to get our boots personalised with his initials ‘DC’. We’re looking to do this. I personally have two pairs of Nike legends I’m looking to get embroidered. Would you be available to do this?

    1. Hi Owain.
      I’ve just sent you an email to your registered address.
      Please check and let me know if there is any further enquiries I can help with.
      Thank you.

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